2733248_sThe mission of The Boulder Sudbury School is for the education of members of the community of the school and is founded upon the principle that learning is best fostered by self-motivation, self-regulation, and self-criticism, in a social environment that functions as a democratic micro-society. All pursuits are treated equal, and all members of the school community are able to participate in teaching, learning and other school activities so that the School may function as an integrated community. Furthermore, The Boulder Sudbury School allows for opportunities and responsibilities in governing the School to be shared among students, staff, and representatives of the community of the school, maintaining a flexible structure which, while being free to adhere to valid traditional forms, will also be free to create new ones.

In light of the above, The Boulder Sudbury School demonstrates itself through:

  • Democracy: The values of democracy are inherent in the structure of the school, such that all students, staff/teachers, and members of the community are treated as equals, including the right to vote and raise issues in the weekly assembly referred to as the school meeting. This in turn fosters a sense of trust, justice, and respect within the community of the school and in the world after their time at Boulder Sudbury.
  • Self-determination: Through the democratic ideals of the school, autonomy, competence, and relatedness, as understood through self-determination theory, are fostered.
  • Student-centered teaching/learning: Students determine how they spend their days, they determine who to approach when they need assistance learning, and they determine when they have satisfied their interests.
  • Mixed-ages: Students of all ages may interact with other students, staff, or members of the community of any age. Students of any mix of ages can participate in the same class/activity.