22404213_s-editThank you for considering the Boulder Sudbury School. We are a revolutionary non-profit private school, bringing the world-renowned Sudbury model of education to Boulder, Colorado. To support a Sudbury school is to support self-determination for all independent children and teens, and thereby fostering freedom, equality, and trust.

As a non-profit private school, we rely on your support for the creation and sustaining of our endeavor to offer the absolute best in education. We do not receive federal or state funding for Boulder Sudbury and so we graciously accept any amount you can offer us.

Your donation during 2017-2018 will be primarily used for the acquisition of a large home with ample land for the school. There are several possible scenarios that may follow, such as:

  1. We obtain the full funding needed for the home, in which case it will be purchased out right.
  2. We obtain more than the full cost of the home, in which case the extra funding will form a retainer for maintenance, a “turn no child away” initiative, and basic necessities such as furniture.
  3. We obtain less than full funding for the home, in which case the minimal amount necessary for acquiring the home will be used, a percentage used as a retainer for up to five years of mortgage payments, and establishing a “turn no child away” initiative.

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